We had a Great Time! But it’s time for us to go.

Hello to all you Wonderful Krazy Corn Lovers! Ziggy’s wants to thank all of you who have visited us over the past 5 years.
We have had a great time, met so many wonderful people and made many new friends. Unfortunately, we have run our course and have decided to shut the business down. This is a necessary, not easy, decision as it has been a passionate venture for us and we will miss being out there.

This is a very viable business with excellent brand recognition and a uniquely delicious product that has little to no competition. If anyone is looking for Business Opportunity this is an excellent time to enter the food truck industry. Considering that people have been pent up all spring and things are opening up again, it is my belief food trucks will have an off the charts successful late summer and fall season.

I can be contacted at paul@ziggysroaster.com or 215-872-2193 should anyone have any interest or questions.

Once again, we thank you all very much for your patronage and the fun times.

Paul Schneider
Ziggy’s Roaster


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